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Hang On! The Chimera is coming back...

September 25, 2014

After a couple of years away a Khunu classic is back. Pop the corks in celebration as we bring you not only the original Chimera in brown/red, but also a new non-dyed “champagne” grey with navy trim.

For those of you who didn’t know us back in 2010, the brown/red combination is THE original Khunu design, and we finally caved in to your demands to re-run it.

The Chimera is still our lightest weight garment, meaning it works well in multiple environments. We've made some small changes though; double knitting on the wear point of the cuff, a wider cuff for added snugness, and raglan sleeves for easier movement and a more consistent fit for different shoulder widths. Small details, but ones that we think you’ll appreciate.

If you have any pictures of yourself sporting your favorite Khunu top in any cool places around the world, be sure to follow @khunuworld on Instagram, and post your photos with the hashtag #khunu for a chance to win a new, complimentary Chimera when they come out!

If you ever doubted its versatility here are some photos of Chimeras around the world. Click here to pre-order a Chimera before November 10th for 10% off with an expected shipment during the 3rd week of November.