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People: The Extraordinary Adventure Club

June 26, 2018

For the past year we’ve been supporting the Extraordinary Adventure Club with our much-loved Travel Wraps and Hemingway sweaters. The EAC is a unique organisation that believes extreme experiences in the natural environment can act as powerful psychological tools for greater openness and positive mental wellness. Their clients are typically successful actors, wealthy entrepreneurs and next generation heirs who’s lives are so filled with everything they’ve become lost.

Membership costs upwards of £200,000 for programmes lasting over six months, during which “members" are put through a variety of extreme experiences and a range of professional therapy and coaching sessions. Pampered concierge travel is replaced by economy air tickets to the Arctic handed over by anonymous contacts met in hotel lobbies. Expedition companions can be mushers, who barely speaks your language, and a dog team. No morning flat white, no evening cocktails. Just clear skies and silence. Time to reconnect.

We came across the EAC through its founder Calum Morrison, a former Royal Marines officer with considerable experience of the Arctic. He’d heard about the thermal properties of yak and was interested in supplying three female clients with something Khunu for an upcoming Arctic expedition. The Travel Wrap was our immediate suggestion, as it could be wrapped as large scarf to provide incredible warmth to the head and neck area, and once out of the Arctic used as a stylish accessory for any situation. Since then, our Wraps, which form a key part of the secretive initial client engagement package, have been seen on the arid steppe, the steamy jungle and the streets of London.  Three years later, they tell us, it's the first thing a client packs when the black envelope of the EAC arrives through the door. It proved to be a hit, so we always keep some in stock for when they call. It's flattering to know one of our longest-standing products is so valued.

The cost of joining the EAC may be out of reach for most of us, but the core philosophy is something we can all relate to – get out of your comfort zone, connect with nature, and you’ll relearn what’s important to you. Perhaps you will fail, but the act of failure will make you stronger, and ultimately happier.